An extraordinary
learning community

HMS is more than a school.

It is an extraordinary

learning community,

around an ambitious

Mission of inclusion,

challenge and success.


La scuola materna interamente in lingua inglese propone un percorso formativo allineato al Curriculum Internazionale.

Si rivolge a bambini tra i 2 e i 5 anni. 

Un contesto pensato per promuovere la crescita armonica del bambino in termini di identità, autonomia e competenza. La didattica laboratoriale e progettuale e la varietà di linguaggi proposti supportano l’innata curiosità del bambino, sviluppandola in attitudine alla ricerca, alla condivisione, al confronto e alla cooperazione. 

Primary School

La scuola elementare interamente in lingua inglese propone un percorso formativo allineato al Curriculum Internazionale

L’offerta formativa promuove lo sviluppo del pensiero creativo e incoraggia la naturale curiosità per la ricerca e l’approfondimento.

La quotidiana possibilità di sperimentare e verificare sostituisce il nozionismo e sostiene l’individuazione della personale metodologia di studio. La scuola è aperta a studenti internazionali e a studenti italiani 


HMS is more than a school.

It is more than a record of outstanding achievement in academics, arts, and sports.

It is more than a place where traditions are valued and innovation is embraced. It is an extraordinary learning community, around an ambitious Mission of inclusion, challenge and success.

The HMS learning experience is shaped by a spirit of community, characterized by students, parents, faculty and staff working together to achieve our goal of developing independent learners and international citizens.

Our school has a positive ethos which provides all members of the school community with a safe and respectful environment which is paramount to promoting successful learning.

We believe every child is unique and is constantly learning.

Using the best school practices from USA, the United Kingdom and Italy, we provide holistic, hands-on and concrete learning, with a strong emphasis on language and literacy.

We will help every child fulfill his or her true potential.
We will provide a happy, secure and healthy learning environment.
We will work together with parents to nurture the leaders of tomorrow

Our educators accompany each child to discover their own possibilities by creating a context suitable for learning where emotions are brought into play and empathic relationships are established.

Our Students are independent, confident and responsible learners in love with learning as a continual process. They are critical thinkers who solve real world problems and are able to display integrity & responsibility in the choices that they make.


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